So now you know that despite the judges proclaiming that Lauren Alaina should be the winner, the viewers proclaimed it differently. And after more than 122 million votes, Scotty McCreery is our new American Idol. When all the confetti had settled, Scotty was asked why the viewers picked him. He said, "It's because I'm one of them. I was just a kid who was bagging groceries three months ago." So Lauren's not one of us? What do you mean by that, Scotty? Anyway, all anybody wants to ask Scotty and Lauren about is their rumored romance. When his name was announced, Lauren planted one right on Scotty's lips. When she was asked about what she said to him in that intimate moment, she confessed, "I said, 'I told you so' and 'I love you.' He said, 'I love you, too.'" Then after he hugged everybody, she started smothering him with kisses all over his face. What up with that, Scotty? He told "Entertainment Weekly," "I met her the first day of Hollywood week, so we’ve been really close. She’s been my schoolmate for the last couple of months. We’ve had a lot of fun together. We’re really close friends. We still are. She’s a wonderful young lady." Scotty said he doesn't know how this rumor got started that he and Lauren are a couple. DUH, Scotty. It's because Lauren's telling everybody that you love each other. Psssht. So what's next on Scotty's list? Studying. He's got an English test on Friday. Then it's off on the American Idol tour and into recording studio to wrok on his debut album.