Could this situation get more scandalous? Yes. "Entertainment Tonight" interviewed Rogelio Baena -- Mildred "Call me Patty" Baena's ex-husband -- who says that up until about a week ago, he thought his 13-year-old son was HIS, not Arnold Schwarzenneger's. He told "ET" how he feels betrayed and that all he wants to tell his son is, "I am your father. That's all." But Patty's attorneys have fired off a letter to "ET" threatening to sue them for airing this two-part interview unless they apologize and retract the story. They say Rogelio always new this boy wasn't his because he was out of the country when the child was conceived and didn't return until Patty was way pregnant. AND they say they can prove it. The letter claims that "ET" did zero research on this story, flying Rogelio here from Colombia and paying him to "lie on television for a six figure paycheck." If they don't get an "I'm sorry" and a "This story was nothing but a pack of lies," they're going to sue.

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