Wondering what the celebs are up to? Need to be up to date on all the gossip for your dinner conversations? Finding yourself with nothing to talk about as you gather around the water cooler? Here are the biggest stories of Monday, March 24.

Lady Gaga Reborn

The latest release from Lady Gaga is a tune called ‘G.U.Y.’ The music video ARTPOP film is just shy of the 12-minute mark and starts with Lady Gaga as an angel who was shot in the back with an arrow. I wonder if this has anything to do with her former manager. Ouch! [See the video and read more speculation here.]

Adele Opens Up

Adele is notorious about keeping a low profile since her "21" tour ended. No music. No appearances. Nothing. But what's this? Pictures of her and water? We're all excited to see her eyes, her kids hand and...is that a fish tank? [It's like trying to figure out a puzzle...what does it all mean?!?]

Ashton & Mila Having a baby!

We already knew that Ashton and Mila were engaged and that Mila was photographed wearing a giant diamond engagement ring last month. Well, E! Online is confirming the news of a baby for Kunis and fiancé Ashton Kutcher. [Will there be a 'That 70's Baby' show now?]