If last week wasn't surprising enough, last night featured the biggest bomb drop of the season!

We begin last night's episode with Kaitlyn still freaking out about her decision to sleep with Nick. And of course, then we have Shawn who is also freaking out about how serious Kaitlyn is about him. Shawn confronts her about this and gets her to tell him that she is falling in love with him, which is usually a no-no on the show.

Despite this affirmation, Shawn continues to be jealous and insecure about his relationship with the Bachelorette.

Then Kaitlyn takes JJ and Joe on the dreaded two-on-one date, where she eliminates JJ. This comes after he told her he cheated on his wife, which completely ruined him. Even though he was honest, it appears Kaitlyn believes in the "one a cheater, always a cheater" mentality and she sends him home. This doesn't mean that Joe is victorious, she tells him that she needs to spend more time with him to evaluate their relationship.

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn has sworn Nick to secrecy about their little escapade, but he continues to have that goofy smile look on his face. Ugh, I don't like him. She sends Tanner and Ben Z home before Chris Harrison drops a major bomb. Kailtyn must eliminate all but three men. Her next few dates will be with them and then it is time for hometown dates. YIKES!

So now the stakes are raised. She then went on a date with Chris and sent him home! This breaks my heart. I wonder if he drove his cupcake home. We're left with another cliff hanger of Kaitlyn wanting to tell the guys what she did with Nick. Doesn't seem like any of their business, but whatever. It will all but probably destroy Shawn.

Seems like Kaitlyn has no idea what she's going to do with these guys and it almost seems like she has no real, lasting connection with any of them. But, nonetheless, on to next week.