It's pretty obvious neither Shawn nor Nick will last with Kaitlyn when it's all said and done.

I've decided the Bachelorette is no longer about a woman looking for love. It's about two men trying to decide who is better for this woman. Many of you roll your eyes and say, DUH! but I'm just now getting this.

Last night was all about the drama between Shawn B. and Nick. Of course, Kaitlyn finally confessed to Shawn that she had slept with Nick. Shawn was not happy, but he tried to be a man about it.

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn went on a one-on-one with Ben H. Things got awkward when he told her he would love to go to the fantasy suite with her to talk more. If you've ever watched one episode, you know that you're never supposed to be presumptuous when it comes to the fantasy suite. You're just supposed to be surprised when it's offered.

Am I catty today, or what?

Kaitlyn did end up sending Joe home right after he told her that he loved her. OUCH!

Then we were left with the drama between Nick and Shawn. Nick went to the fantasy suite with Kaitlyn and woke up to a knock on the door from Shawn. The cliffhanger this week was their heated argument!

Who else is #TeamShawn here?