Lindsay Lohan was in court yesterday to give a progress report on her probation. But in typical Lindsay fashion, it didn’t go so well. The judge Stephanie Sautner was furious at her for several reasons.

Lindsay has only completed 33 hours of her 480 hours of community service. She has 10 months left to complete it and the judge told her that she won’t be getting an extension.

Lindsay also hasn’t started her mandatory psych counseling because she said she couldn’t afford it, yet she showed up to court in $1,200 Louboutin heels. The judge told her she had three weeks to get into her counseling.

She was also suppose to take classes in the Shoplifters Avoidance Program since she’s in trouble for theft. But, surprise, Lindsay hasn’t started that yet either. She was told she has until October to complete the course. The judge stressed to her that she needs to start moving on all these things or her probation will get revoked and she will go to jail.

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