No matter which side of the political fence you find yourself, you will enjoy this video.

That's right, we've finally found something all of us can agree on. I know, in 2018 you probably have your doubts, but it's true. I have found the one clip pertaining to Donald Trump that all of us, no mater the political affiliation, can laugh at.

Go figure, it's the gang at Bad Lip Reading that's bringing us all together. Holy smokes, these guys have been busy. Recently they took on the Royal Wedding and the NBA season. Now, they worked their magic with footage from the historic Trump - Kim summit.

It's two minutes of pure hilarity, I had to watch it three times just to make sure I didn't miss anything. The clip is not too long, and not too short... Just right, and downright funny.

Check out the viral clip from Bad Lip Reading below!


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