Recently, I unintentionally knocked over a hornet's nest when I boldly declared that beans do not belong in chili.  Being that it has become prime chili weather, the subject of whether to bean or not to bean came up during a conversation with my friends - and I was shocked that very few people agreed with me.

First off, I absolutely love the meat and bean stew that some people claim is chili.  Secondly, I am a purebred Texan.  That means that I was born in the land where this dish was introduced to America.  The founding ladies of chili (AKA the Chili Queens)  came from south of the border to dish out this country's first taste of the winter favorite around 1900 in San Antonio.  That dish was chili con carne, which literally translates to chilies with meat.  There is no y frijoles in the original recipe.

I'm not sure what's going on with the International Chili Society, but even though they allow an abomination called "Homestyle Chili" (which contains beans) in their competition - they at least have the decency honor the Queens by making it a separate category.  I also want to point out that the real chili competition is called the "Traditional Red Chili" category in the official rules.

In conclusion, I will stand for what is right and true no matter how delicious your bean and meat stew might be.  I will eat bowl after bowl of the delectable lie, and ask for more.  I just won't ask for more chili.