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I just don't know what to think about this.  On one hand, Louisiana Fish Fry products have never steered me wrong.  Their incredibly extensive line of spices, marinades, boils, fried fish coating, and more have been there for pretty much every shortcut I have ever needed when it comes to bringing the flavors of Louisiana alive in the kitchen.  On the other hand, I just learned that this tried-and-true cooking-sidekick is now owned by a firm in New York!  This doesn't exactly scream gumbo to me:

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Before I continue, just know that I am aware that tasty foods exist in places outside of Louisiana.  I'm sure New York has tons of awesome and delicious dishes, I'm just not sure how much they know about making a roux!  This is what I'm afraid of:

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According to Business Report, the tried-tested-and-true kitchen companions from Louisiana Fish Fry are now owned by New York-based private equity firm MidOcean Partners.  According to the company's website, they are an "alternative asset manager that specializes in middle market private equity and alternative credit investments."  If you didn't read between the lines, they are not chefs from Southern Louisiana with nigh-unpronounceable last names and a Cajun-accent thicker than the very air in the Bayou State.

Here's the saving grace: These New Yorkers only want the money.  While that's not the greatest news for our economy - it is encouraging for our taste buds.  According to the company's official release on the matter posted on Business Wire, Louisiana Fish Fry products will still be proudly made in Baton Rouge.  In fact, this move will allow the company to expand in order to spread Louisiana love in the form of food even further.

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