Long-time friend of the show Ben Folds stopped by the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning studio Thursday (April 10) to talk about his current tour, orchestra groupies and what exactly the "shopping cart look" is.

Ben Folds is on the road until November as part of an orchestra experience tour. That's a long tour, observed J-Si.

"Do you kind of look at that and you're like, 'man, November is so far away,'" he asked.

"Well, in a way I've been on the road for 15 years," said Folds.

Of course, he's performing with different orchestras in every city, which definitely keeps things fresh. But Big Al was more interested in whether "orchestra groupies" exist. So what is the age of the average Ben Folds groupie?

"Somewhere between 20 and 70," Folds joked.

Check out the hilarious interview with Ben Folds below.