After thousands of votes streamed in from across the Ark-La-Tex, the top 5 DJ's have been identified. Now that the cream has risen, the stakes will get even higher.  In the first round, you were able to vote multiple times - this time, not so much.  In the final round, you only get one vote.  That means every vote is that much more powerful and final.  The only way to get more is to share it with those sympathetic to your cause.

These DJ's include Wedding, Karaoke and Club DJ's so no matter what party you're at these are the one's keeping everyone dancing and singing.

The voting will be open until Sunday, December 9th at midnight.  That means you've got precious little time to raise the army of supporters for your favorite DJ! When the dust settles, the DJ at the top will take home bragging rights as the Best Live Band in the Ark-La-Tex!