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I haven't been on a motorcycle in years, but Sunday I got some much-needed 'wind therapy' with a friend who took me out riding our beautiful Louisiana backroads!

I won't lie, I've been scared of motorcycles for years, but I found out Sunday, I was really just scared of the people I was riding with. They were idiots that took unnecessary risks on crotch rockets. But I felt free as a bird and safe on the back of my friend's 2017 Harley Street Glide. They say stress kills, but I do believe I found the cure. That bike is a beast and now I'm hooked!

I know a ton of friends who love to ride to Jefferson, TX each weekend to meet up at Auntie Skinner's. But it got me thinking, how about a road trip? Maybe Hot Springs in Arkansas or even Broken Bow, OK? Why stop at just Louisiana, even though I really loved cruising up HWY 1 north of downtown Shreveport? Then I found a list of the must-drive roads in each state and knew I had to share it! So now, no matter where you are, you'll have a goal 'destination' near you.

I know I'm late to the party, but hats off to all the folks who like to cruise the backroads like a bada$$. I do believe it's time for another adventure. You're welcome!

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