Aren't we taking things a little far here? I mean, I get the hype around Blue Ivy, but recording your next video on the moon? Really? How about a really cool set at Millennium Studios? But the moon?! That's gotta be a rumor! According to Bossip, Beyonce and Jay-Z want to be the first artists to make a video in space. Honestly, you have to click the link to see the graphic they came up with. I can't post it here since I don't have the rights. According to VH1, the song the video might be for is Lift Off. How appropriate. Just remember, you can't leave Kanye at home on this one.

Here's what Kellie from Kidd Kraddick had to say about it:

Beyonce and Jay-Z literally want to make a video out of this world… Or least the record execs want them to. The record execs are eager to shoot a music video on one of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic six-seater space crafts. There is nothing set in stone yet, but Beyonce and Jay-Z are the top choices if they can pull this off.

The video would be pretty difficult to shoot. The passengers on the Virgin Galactic crafts would only experience weightlessness for 6 minutes, so there would be no time to shoot retakes if something went wrong.

Richard Branson would probably be on board with this. He ran a music empire before launching the Virgin Galactic business, so he would just be combining his two passions.


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