Blackpink teamed up with Cardi B for “Bet You Wanna," a track off their newly released debut studio album, Blackpink The Album.

Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa released their album, including their latest collaboration, on Friday (October 2). "Bet You Wanna" is a fierce playful pop anthem about falling in love and realizing when someone else is into you. Listen below:

During the New Music Daily Presents BLACKPINK live stream event an hour prior to the album release, "Bet You Wanna" collaborator Ryan Tedder called the track one of the "key collaboration moments" in his career.

"Cardi only does what Cardi wants to do," he explained. "There is no, at this stage, tempting her with any kind of paycheck. She either wants to do something [or she doesn't] and she wanted to [work with] Blackpink." He added that the song is "the most random and my most favorite collaboration I've been a part of in years."

"We grew up listening to a wide variety of music. We all grew up in different areas, but I would say some of the amazing people we collaborated with we all grew up listening to and we are big fans of them," Rosé told CNN ahead of the album's release, referring to Cardi, Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez.

"[Cardi B] is our first rap feature," Jennie added, while breaking out into a cheer and clapping. "We are so excited to share this music with you guys."

Thei collaboration isn't the only thing that's making headlines, though: The girls truly made this record their own, with Jennie co-producing and co-writing the lyrics for "Lovesick Girls," which Jisoo also co-wrote.

Along with their album release, Blackpink released the music video for "Lovesick Girls." Blinks (a.k.a. Blackpink fans) immediately praised the group's acting talents and range.

See fan reactions to their epic record and Cardi B collab, below.

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