After doing a deep dive into YouTube this morning, I found this gem. Does anyone remember this commercial?

Let's face it, Shreveport has a rich history when it comes to funny and/or memorable TV ads. My all-time favorite is still Crawfish Palace and the fact that they have enough fans to blow your hair. That one will never be beat, in my mind.

We have some though that everyone knows every word to. The one that always come to mind is the Cook Law Firm. That's 752-FREE, 752-3733. Admit it, you sang along every time.

Today, though, I came across a true classic that I had never seen before. It was posted to YouTube in 2007,although I have no clue when it actually aired in Shreveport.

The ad is for Bobby's Jewelry and it's one of the most ridiculous TV ads I've ever seen.

If you haven't seen it yet, check it out below!


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