Dogwood has been a hot spot this week. A boil order put in place earlier this week has now been lifted, but you still can't use the Dogwood Trail bridge at the front of the subdivision. 

According to John Lee from News Radio 710 KEEL:

A big traffic headache in Bossier Parish. The Dogwood Trail bridge off Stockwell Road at the western entrance of the Dogwood Subdivision has been closed. Parish Public Safety Director Sammy Halphen says a couple of bridge pilings are showing signs of stress and need to be replaced. Emergency repairs are expected to be completed by Friday evening. In the meantime, motorists entering and leaving the Dogwood Subdivision will have to use the eastern entrance off Bellevue Road.

So, for the time being, I get to continue crawling down Bellevue Road at 25mph... I shouldn't complain though, the road looks great after all of the recent construction/repairs. It sure does add time to the morning commute though! I've heard the bridge could be open as early as Friday, but I'm not holding my breath on that one!