What do you get when you combined the virtues of reading books and rap music? You’ll get this hilarious parody video by La Shea Delaney and Annabelle Quezada. The comedic duo teamed up to remix Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s ubiquitous anthem ‘N—as in Paris’ into their literary anthem ‘B—-es in Bookshops.’

In their video, Delany and Quezada take their love of books to a whole new level as they rap about being the flyest bookworms on the block. The bookish girls also hit several bookstores and libraries to show that their literary cred is nothing to play with. “Read so hard librarians tryin’ to fine me / They can’t identify me,” spits Quezada.

Meanwhile, Delany reads so hard she kicked her ex-boyfriend to the curb because he wasn’t book smart. “Nerdy boy, he’s so slow / Tuesday we started Foucault / He’s still stuck on the intro? He’s a no go,” she rhymes. What is Foucault? We don’t know, but that s— must be cray.

Even literary icons like Shakespeare, William S. Burroughs, Jane Eyre and Mark Twain are name-checked in this funny video. At over 200,000 views, it’s safe to save that Delaney and Quezada have a viral hit on their hands.

Reading is fundamental and so is comedy. Bravo, ladies!

Watch the ‘B—–es in Bookshops’ Video Parody

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