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Scams come in all types.  From the grifters who con you in person to that "contest" you won that seems too good to be true - crooks have a million different ways to shake some (or all) of your hard earned money right out of your pockets.  If you are ever in doubt - just back out.  Seriously, take a few minutes to really listen to the details.  Write them down and check them out independently.

According to BR Proud, the latest scam these flim-flammers are rolling out on the law-abiding masses in Bossier City is reportedly a "warrant scam."  This particular swindle preys upon folks desire to stay on the right side of the law.  According to the Bossier Financial Crimes Task Force, these tricksters pose as law enforcement officials.  Most notably, as a police sergeant who levies some pretty serious allegations and finishes with the bombshell that you are wanted and will be going to jail.  That is, unless you can pony up the money to clear your good name.

There are some pretty outstanding tells these duplicitous criminals usually fall into.  The first is that real law enforcement will never call you and lay the whole "you're going to jail unless you pay-up" on you.  They will come and get you or run across you when your speeding (or breaking some other law), but won't call up and demand you pay up over the phone.  Secondly, these crooks demand payment via gift cards.  If this isn't the biggest giveaway, I don't know what is.

Before you pay off a warrant with a prepaid Visa Gift Card, hang up and call Bossier Police right away.

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