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Even when it comes to theft, what's old becomes new again...

Shocker! Scammers are looking for a way to steal your hard-earned money again. This time, it's an old scam that has been recycled for use again according to Bossier City Police. They say they've gotten multiple reports today that scammers are calling residents posing as Bossier City Police Department officials.

Four complaints, one from Ohio, have come in about calls where they say they're from BCPD and have a warrant for your arrest but that you can send money to recall said warrant. I think it goes without saying that this is not how law enforcement works. The Bossier City Police Department does not make calls demanding money.

Every new day brings new technology and these scammers are smart. They can make it look like the call is coming from an official BCPD phone number.

There are several ways for residents to protect themselves from this type of scam. If you ever doubt the authenticity of a call, hang up and report it to local law enforcement. Other tips to protect yourself include not returning calls from unknown numbers or replying or clicking any links in emails or text messages from unknown senders. Never divulge personal information. And, whatever you do, never give out money, gift cards, or your banking or credit card information.

Always take a pause before sharing anything and ask yourself, would a government or law enforcement agency operate in this manner? If the answer is no or you are unsure, hang up or press delete. Be safe out there!

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