Bossier Sheriffs are asking for the public's assistance in identifying two burglary suspects. The suspects were caught on camera pulling car door handles on May 15th in the Dogwood South Subdivision.

BPSO Detectives were able to obtain the video footage that was taken on a Ring security camera at a residence in the Dogwood Subdivision. Seems around 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning the security camera was able to catch two individuals walking up to parked vehicles on private property testing the door handles to see if they were locked. Thankfully the vehicles in the video were securely locked, but the pair moved up the street and found vehicles that were unlocked and burglarized them. The two were able to get away with stole a gun, cash, and a backpack.


Bossier Detectives, in their investigation were also able to obtain security camera footage from the Swan Lake and Airline Circle K that shows one of the suspects entering the store only a few hours after the burglaries were committed.


BSO detectives are working reports of five vehicle burglaries over the weekend in Dogwood, Dogwood South and Le Oaks. Thieves are typically walking through neighborhoods late at night while people of sleeping, and then stealing whatever they can take from unlocked vehicles, including stealing cars that have keys left in them.

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