Back in my drinking days, I was known to be very creative in the kitchen. After a beer or twelve, I'd create dishes such as Lucky Charms cheese toast and Andouille stuffed Oreos for my dining pleasure.

None of those ideas ever tasted good sober but a new brew from Bayou Teche Brewing might be one of those mashups that involve alcohol that will tweak the fancy of  Louisiana beer enthusiasts.

It's called Cajun Breakfast Stout. The beer actually combines boudin, coffee, and cane syrup in a breakfast stout beer. That's boudin in the beer, not alongside the beer. Which is a more familiar way to enjoy those two great tastes. Seriously, boudin is added during the brewing process, not once but twice.

The folks at Bayou Teche Brewing say they get their boudin from Russell's Grocery in Arnaudville. I have had their boudin and can testify it's really good. I think if you've sampled any of the brews created by Bayou Teche Brewing then you know their beer is pretty outstanding too. So, why wouldn't these great tastes taste great together?

If you'd like to sample some of the Cajun Breakfast Stout, you can find it at the brewery in Arnaudville. It's in limited production just for the Mardi Gras season. However, the connections at Bayou Teche say if they get a good local reaction then they just might take boudin beer statewide.

Oh my, what a time to be alive. To paraphrase Steve McCroskey from the movie Airplane!, It looks like I picked the wrong lifetime to give up drinking.


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