You already know I'm all kinds of random today and complaining about the fact that Bellevue Road seems to have been finished for a while now and they STILL haven't bumped the speed limit from 25 to 40mphI can see what the speed limits signs say under their trash bag coverings! They think they're being all shifty but when the wind is just right, I can see they say 4o mph!

Well guess what? Now, seeing how I live in the Dogwood Subdivision area, I get to take Bellevue Road through Friday at the earliest since they've closed the Dogwood Trail bridge due to 'emergency repairs.' FABULOUS! I guess it's better than falling into the bayou though! Gary McCoy from Turner and McCoy on Kiss Country 937 has the full story here. Of course, you know to come to me for all of the pissing and moaning:)