Summertime is all about the road trips, so where are we going?

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, the summer season has unofficially, officially begun. Technically, the actual summer season starts about three weeks into June. However, this long holiday weekend has become our kickoff to summer.

And what's more fun than loading up the car and hitting the road?

What's great about a road trip is that you can easily complete it in a weekend. Cut out of work a tad early on Friday and get going! Well, maybe let your boss know ahead of time that you're leaving. That would prevent a nasty phone call while you're driving.

MSN put together a list of the Best Summer Road Trip Destinations in Every State. For Louisiana they chose New Orleans. It's a fun town with something to do for everyone. Specifically they chose the National World War II Museum. Visitors take on the identity of a real veteran and as they progress through the exhibits, they learn more about that particular individual.