One of the most serious, and somehow the most silly, hockey rules exists away form the ice itself. Hockey is a very superstitious sport, where any one outside of the hockey world can break these unwritten rules and have no clue they did it.

Brock Lesnar found this out while touring the Winnipeg Jets locker room. A player was showing him around when all of a sudden, every one in the room began shouting hysterically. It was as if Lesnar slapped their moms or something, except this reaction was worse. He had committed the greatest hockey sin, and the players didn't know what to do about it.

Lesnar, clearly not in the loop on the unwritten rule, walked straight over the Jets' logo in the middle of the locker room floor.

His reaction when he noticed the team flipping out was actually quite hilarious. He just kind of smiled with a look that said, "Yes I broke your silly little rule, what are you gonna do about it?"

I can speak to the seriousness of this universal rule. One day, about six years ago, I had just began announcing for the Mudbugs when they were at the CenturyLink Center. At the time, hockey was as foreign to me as cricket, so these little rules didn't exist in my world. One night, before the game, I walked through the Mudbugs locker room and walked right on top of their logo. Billy Welker, their equipment manger at the time, lit me up so fast and ferociously that to this day, I haven't even thought about stepping foot into a Mudbugs locker room again.

If this rule is taken so seriously, why have the logo on the floor in the first place? Why not just put it on the ceiling so outsiders not privy to these silly rules don't have to worry about making superstitious hockey players angry? Thank you to the Boston Bruins for agreeing with me, check out their genius locker room HERE.