Surely this extreme danger wasn't part of the tour, right?

This video is insane and comes to us from Nepal. Seriously, this video was tough to watch, because at any point in time, things could go horribly, horribly wrong. The footage shows a a small bus, packed with a ton of people, driving down a small, curvy road on the side of a mountain.

That, alone, is downright frightening. Then, though, things take an even worse, far more wet turn.

High atop this mountain, above the bus, there sits a raging waterfall, spewing water down below. In the process, this waterfall absolutely drenched the boat.

Not only the boat, of course, but also the road it's traveling on. It looks like at any moment, the water is going to push it off the side of the cliff that it's slowly traveling on.

Eventually, for the sake of every one involved, the bus makes it to safe, dry road.


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