This happened in Wales, and you absolutely won't believe it.

What would you do if you were casually walking around downtown Shreveport, and you see a guy with a knife riding a bike straight at you. Personally, I would most likely screech like a child and run, quickly, in the opposite direction.

Not this guy, nope, not on this day. On this day, he would become the hero.

A criminal of sorts was attempting to evade police in Wales. His getaway vehicle was a bike, GTA San Andreas style. As he was riding through a busy road, trying desperately to get away from the police, a bystander stepped up and delivered a massive body-check. The slam sent the criminal off the bike and onto the ground, where he quickly got up and tried to run.

At that time, ANOTHER bystander took him down, ultimately leading to his capture.

Unreal video here.