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Picture this: while folks in the Big Easy are chillin' without a care in the world, sippin' their daiquiris, and enjoying the jazz, up in northwest Louisiana, it's gonna be a whole different story. Get for the invasion of the Cicadas!

Caddo Parish is about to be swarmed by these buzzing critters like it's going out of style. So, if you're planning a picnic or an outdoor shindig, you might wanna think twice unless you're cool with sharing your space with a few thousand extra guests. It's like the cicadas decided to throw their own party, and Caddo Parish is the VIP section.

Why are Cicadas in the news?

According to this post on Facebook, Louisiana is set to be overrun with two different types of Cicadas this year... which means it's about to get loud!

We're in for a Cicada shindig 200 years in the making. These little critters are coming out of hiding, and not just one type, oh no! We've got a double whammy of cicadas emerging all at once, which is like spotting a unicorn!


Now, about that infamous Cicada soundtrack... It's basically the love song of the male Cicadas, blasting out at full volume during their mating season. And let me tell you, these guys don't hold back. They're like the rock stars of the insect world, belting out tunes that hit around 80 to 100 decibels. To put that in perspective, that's louder than an excavator doing its thing, church bells chiming, and even a revving motorcycle. This video from The Holderness Family puts things in perspective.

Thankfully cicadas aren't poisonous and because they don't bite or sting, they're mostly harmless. This is good because experts say the amount of cicadas we'll see will 'exceed trillions.' Oh, and they're supposed to arrive this month, so get ready!


There are some gross things to watch out for with Cicadas.

While cicadas can't bite you, they WILL pee on you. WFLA says that cicadas drink a lot and as a result, pee a lot, too. But that's not all... WFLA says, 'Some people experience what might seem like spit, but it’s just “cicada rain” that many have dubbed “honeydew”' Disgusting!!! Even worse, they're also known to explode with fungus!!!

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Which part of Louisiana will be affected the most by Cicadas?

According to CaptainExperiences.com, three parishes in Louisiana will be affected... and those parishes that are expected to see Brood XIX are Caddo, Claiborne, and Morehouse Parish. Yep, that's us! Awesome. At least they help to aerate the soil and can lead to exceptional fishing conditions.

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