Over three dozen students have been suspended from Calvary Baptist Academy in Shreveport for participating in a "Harlem Shake" video which was posted to YouTube.

The video was reportedly shot on Friday and hit YouTube the next day by "cbharlemshake" and features members of the CBA baseball team dancing on the field, some of them in costume or stripped down to some degree, and making suggestive gestures.

Cbharlemshake updated the video's description to add "Today, everyone in this video was suspended. Calvary's a great place, isn't it?"

"I understand that Calvary is a Baptist school and as such hates dancing," the description continues. "But forcing us to take down our Harlem Shake video under threat of expulsion? Yeah, that's not going to fly. So, eat your heart out, G. Once somethings on the internet it's there to stay."

Principal Kevin Guerrero confirmed to KSLA-TV that around 40 of the students had been suspended, and said that the school is not against the Harlem Shake itself, but school administrators deemed the students' states of undress and suggestive movements inappropriate.

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