I remember very few of the details from my high school graduation but students of Calvary High School Class of 2017 will never forget theirs! The valedictorian was escorted off stage by deputies during her speech where she talked about some of the frustrations she experienced from administrators at Calvary.

Hailey-Lou Vaske the class valedictorian says despite being a straight A student she claims she was mistreated by the school's counselor Angela May who embarrassed her in front of her peers and almost cost her a $60,000 scholarship. Hailey started her speech thanking all those from the school who helped her get to this point but then at the end when she brought up the counselor that's when the superintendent says she crossed the line.

KTBS reports that the Superintendent released a statement saying "Students may not deviate from the approved speeches submitted and doing so may result in removal from the ceremony. Unfortunately, we had a student choose to ignore instructions and received the consequences."

The schools says Hailey will receive her diploma in the mail within 7-10 days and she will be attending Baylor in the fall.

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