In 2018, Carl’s Jr. took a huge step to offer meatless eaters fast-food options when they partnered with Beyond Meat to create a plant-based menu option. This business relationship solved the biggest dilemma for plant-based travelers: Where to find an easy meal on the road. Finally, a quick-service burger place met the demands of a pit stop lunch for drivers who cut red meat from their diets. Now, the two companies are rolling out out the new Beyond Fiery Famous Star Burger to spice up the meat-free menu and give plant-based customers even more options.

The new Beyond Fiery Famous Star Burger includes a charbroiled Beyond patty stacked with pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, sliced onion, lettuce, and tomatoes. The Carl’s Jr. plant-based burger is sold with cheese and mayo but can be easily made into a fully plant-based meal by requesting no mayo and cheese. The burger will be available for $6.99 at most locations, and if you can’t handle the heat, the original Beyond Star Burger is available for $6.29.

The original Carl’s Jr. Beyond burger made significant strides for meat-free burgers: Since debuting the substitute, the company has cooked and sold nearly 12 million burgers. By making the alternative available, the company showed vegetarian and meat-free customers that they could trust the two chains to have their back with a delicious option that was within their dietary restrictions.

Although plant-based meat only accounts for around one percent of US meat market shares, the trend is gaining fiery momentum: Sales of meat alternatives grew 40 percent from 2017 to 2019, and Beyond Meat’s share price surged 500 percent three months after it went public. Beyond Meat's plant-based protein is heating up, and Carl’s Jr. plans to take hold of that fire.

The inclusion of the Beyond burger follows a greater trend of fast-food restaurants appealing to plant-based and plant-leaning clientele. While Carl’s Jr. was one of the earliest to dive into plant-based meats, other fast-food companies followed the company’s example: Burger King, Fatburger, and even KFC debuted their own meat-free menu items recently. Eating plant-based is becoming easier and easier for those starving on the road, or for anyone who misses a classic fast-food burger meal.