Carrie Underwood was flawless this past weekend and did something unexpected that I highly respect.

This past weekend Bossier City was treated with a show from Carrie Underwood. She effortlessly and flawlessly belted out all of her big songs and even brought me to tears when she sang "Jesus Take the Wheel." She also shared some of her favorite songs off of her new album. She brought along Easton Corbin and The Swon Brothers.

All in all, it was a fantastic show.

But what I love seeing the most was Carrie in flats. It sounds so dumb but when we think of Carrie, we things of these incredible and fierce heels. However, when she came our in her red number, she had on flat sandals. They perfectly complimented her outfit, but also showed that she's human and sometimes her feet just need a break!

I love her even more now!

Check out some of the photos I took. And shout out to everyone who won tickets with us to go to the show.