The Louisiana Film Prize has expanded to other forms of art including the Louisiana Food Prize! And somehow I've been entered in the Local Celebrity Cook Off where the winner gets $1,000 for the charity of their choice. I have selected to play for Roy's Kids which is an amazing local charity based in Shreveport that helps underprivileged kids with things like School Supplies, Christmas presents and whatever else they're in need of.

Honestly this will make me sound like the stereotypical Fat Guy but I really thought this was an eating contest I was entering! And c'mon I'm the furthest thing from a celebrity!

I'm not the best cook in the world BUT cooking is only half the contest! Because this is local "celebs" and not real cooks a big part of the contest is fan vote so that's where we are going to focus... Seriously I make this thing called Hot Dog Soup whatever that is!

This Thursday from 6-8pm come out to the Louisiana Boardwalk under the bridge and Vote Carter in support of Roy's Kids!

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