Cheer and school spirit are a part of any college experience and now Centenary College has a bit more pep in it's step with the formation of a new student cheer squad! 

SHREVEPORT, LA — Centenary students have led the initiative to start a cheer squad after a several year hiatus. Senior Nathan Yacovissi gathered an interest group, eventually handing leadership roles over to junior Freddricka Richardson and sophomores Mara Cumberland and Raelynn Brown.


“A lot of our recruiting was done by word-of-mouth and posting in the ‘What’s Happening’ emails,” said Cumberland. “Most of the people we recruited have never cheered before. They do it because they love getting the team pumped up and leading the crowd.”


Richardson leads the cheer practices; Cumberland handles communication, keeping everyone on task, and the overall logistics; Brown researches exercises, techniques, and warms ups.


Recruitment initially started within the three girls’ sorority Chi Omega. They initially held trials to see if students really liked cheerleading versus cheering in the stands. One of the main goals for the cheer squad is to get a coach. Although they meet about four times a week, the squad wants to learn how to execute stunts and master cheering techniques.


“Being a cheerleader at Centenary is good experience,” said Richardson. “We’re learning to work with a crowd not used to having a cheer squad, which makes us more dedicated to getting the crowd excited. If they leave with that pep, that makes cheering worth it for us.”


About Centenary College of Louisiana


Founded in 1825, Centenary College of Louisiana is the oldest chartered liberal arts college west of the Mississippi River and is a U.S. News & World Report Tier One National Liberal Arts College. A member of the Associated Colleges of the South, Centenary is a selective, private, residential institution, affiliated with the United Methodist Church.