Update: Watch the video featuring a very pregnant Cheryl alongside fifteen other people including Helen Mirren, which is for a campaign for UK youth charity The Prince's Trust in partnership with L’Oreal Paris that's focused on improving the self confidence of young people and "championing inclusion and diversity" across the UK.

After months of speculation on whether Cheryl and boyfriend Liam Payne are expecting a baby — not to mention a sort-of confirmation from Niall Horan, plus photos that found the couple either baaarely masking a pregnancy or smuggling a half-watermelon into a party — Cheryl has finally confirmed there's a baby on board. And by "on board," we mean in her uterus. Need more proof? Well, here it is.

Cheryl graces the cover of UK tabloid The Sun on February 23, boasting her baby bump alongside the unfortunate and unrelated headline, "DID HE KILL 1st WIFE TOO?" I won't sit here and deny that this headline sounds like a lurid story that makes me want to know more — but let's go back to Cheryl, who is indisputably pregnant with a baby that is likely Liam's, and looks gorgeous.

The former Girls Aloud singer, who first met Liam when she was a judge on The X Factor back in 2008, has remained as tight-lipped as Liam about their status. Liam's sister Ruth Gibbins spoke up on behalf of their right to privacy in December, writing, "Bump or no bump,announced or not,it's completely up to my brother and cheryl what parts of there [sic] private lives they choose to share and when."

Guess they're ready to share. Congratulations to the happy couple!


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