Who doesn't love Chick-Fil-A?  The fast, delicious food.  The over-the-top fantastic customer service.  It's hard to pick a singular reason to love America's favorite fast-food restaurant - but I think everyone has a clear favorite on the menu.  The surprising news is that last year - it wasn't chicken at all.  Not the delicious nuggets, nor the the incredible original fried chicken sandwich that put the restaurant on the map.

According to the Chickenwire (Chick-Fil-A's blog site), the most ordered item of 2018 was waffle fries!  Soft Drinks take the silver, and only one chicken entree made it into the top 3 - those incredible Chick-Fil-A nuggets.  How did our friend, the traditional chicken sandwich, do?  The fast-food restaurant's count has it barely missing the bronze at #4.

The thinking is this: Not everyone has a favorite way to enjoy their chicken - but pretty much everyone enjoys their chicken of choice with a soft drink and waffle fries.

Personally, the only thing I like to go with my chicken sandwich is another chicken sandwich (or 2).

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