February 11, 2011

Is Rihanna willing to be a little closer to Chris Brown? Scarlett Johansson is into older men? And did Heidi Montag get banned from the premier of "Just Go With It?" Find all this and more in today's Hizziewood Hizzle!

Rihanna has made a big play and requested that the restraining order against Chris Brown be lifted. She feels that he is no longer a threat at all and thinks it's time that for the ban to be lifted. The order still has not been modified by the judge and it's been 2 weeks. As for Rihanna, she wants to prove that she is no longer afraid of him.

Scarlett Johansson has a thing for older men and the rumor is, that man is Sean Penn. A couple weeks ago, the pair was spotted hanging out a couple weeks ago and sources say that she is "smitten" with him. Supposedly the pair were drawn together by their shared hobby which is fighting for world peace and feeding the poor. Scarlett was the one to reach out to Sean because she has been planning a trip to Haiti with Oxfam. Sean has been living there in a tent and she wanted his guidance. Scarlett's rep says it's nothing more than a friendship based on their feelings about Haiti.

If you really loved me, you would leave your hockey team and moved to Nashville. That's what Carrie Underwood's husband has just done. Mike Fisher has been traded from Ottawa to Carrie's hometown of Nashville. Now they won't have to travel to see each other during the hockey season. Carrie is thrilled and looking forward to having the family in one place, while Mike seems more in shock. He released a statement saying that it hasn't quite sunk in yet. He says that he is really going to miss Ottawa and still has a lot of goodbyes.

Did Jennifer Aniston ban Heidi Montag from the premiere of "Just Go With It"? Heidi is claiming that she was thrilled about her cameo-who knew-and Jennifer requested that she be banned from the premier because she is too polarizing. Heidi claims that she struck a deal with producers to actually stay away from all other promotional events, but was supposed to be allowed at the premiere. Jen's rep has denied this and says, "We do not have anything to do with who gets invited, but besides that, Sony did invite Heidi to the premiere and did not get an rsvp from her."