The Cleveland Browns were dealt a gut-wrenching loss to our Saints this weekend, but that didn't stop fans from having fun in the Big Easy.

Let's face it, Browns fans are pretty accustomed to losing. They haven't won a game in like 300 years and they have found nothing but unique, heartbreaking ways to lose games.

This past Sunday, much to our delight, the Browns were back being the Browns, despite their impressive tie week one.

However, even with the loss to New Orleans, there's something different about this Browns team. Honestly, with quality kicking play, the Browns could be 2-0 right now. The Browns know it, the Saints definitely know it, and even the Browns fans in Saints country knew it. Not long after the Browns' debacle in New Orleans, Browns fans took to Bourbon street to find a replacement with a boot.

Unfortunately, this 'try-out' kick wasn't really close, but then again it's the Browns so he might end up making the squad.