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Cajun Navy Supply will have team members at the Bossier Farmers' Market Saturday collecting donations for our brothers and sisters in south Louisiana for Hurricane Ida relief. If you're not familiar with the Cajun Navy, they're faster than FEMA and are Louisiana's own band of superheroes, they just wear waders instead of capes!

Obviously, in the wake of Hurricane Ida, they need your help. That's why they'll be collecting donations this Saturday, September 4th, 2021, from 9 am - 12 pm at the Bossier Farmers' Market in the south parking lot of Pierre Bossier Mall. Admission and parking are free and I'm betting they'll be located on the outskirts of the market for easy drop-off! According to Jessy Gillespie with Cajun Navy Supply, as soon as the event is over, the donated supplies will be transported directly to Houma, LA to help with recovery efforts there. Jessy says the Bossier drive will be happening at the same time as others throughout the country with their donations slated to go to other hard-hit areas of Louisiana.

What items are needed? Think basics, like toiletries, pre-packaged food and snacks, cleaning and school supplies, etc... Anything you would need in the wake of a natural disaster. They also ask that you put your donations in a bag or box for easy handling and transportation.

Are you looking to help personally, not just donate? I asked Jessy a little more about her experience with Cajun Navy Supply because I know she's been involved since its start. She said, "We are a humanitarian aid disaster relief group that focuses on locating communities that are completely devastated in the wake of natural disasters to bring life-saving supplies directly into these areas. We work directly with the communities and find where the most need is at and then begin bringing stuff in from all over the country. The Bossier drive is the first round of supplies going down."

You can find out more about Cajun Navy Supply and make a monetary donation by clicking here.

Courtesy of Jessy Gillespie and Cajun Navy Supply
Courtesy of Jessy Gillespie and Cajun Navy Supply

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