I thought I had died and gone to Heaven when my husband brought me  home a Keurig and no longer had to sit in the long line at Starbucks each morning on Airline Drive on the way to work shelling out $4.74 for my venti skinny mocha latte but this, this takes the cake... or the cream in this case!

Say you left the house in a hurry. In too much of a hurry for your Keurig to take the 60 seconds it needs to warm up the water and then the 30 seconds it needs to brew your cup of coffee. What do you do then? Swing by Starbucks or Circle K? No! You're already late and but you can't let your co-workers be exposed to a non-caffeinated and now late bundle of MESS! Well guess what? Now,  you're covered! You can now brew espresso in your car with the handy, dandy Handpresso that plugs right into  your car's cigarette lighter! I can't wait to get one! Although, I'm sure I'll be as late to this party as I was to the Keurig party ( I just got mine last month!) Maybe you think having coffee on the go in your car is taking it just a touch too far but hey, we're busy and I need a coffee buzz right now!

And by the way,  you might think I'm hating on Starbucks and I'm not. I love Starbucks. You'd just think after seeing me each morning for so long there would be an express lane or something:) HA! They're still my favorite guilty pleasure!