When Colbie Caillat began singing ‘Bubbly’ at the end of her set earlier this week during a concert in Pittsburgh, the fans in attendance got excited. And so did the bugs, which swarmed the stage and caused Caillat to scream and interrupt the song.

Mix 93.1 reported the incident, which occurred on Tuesday at Stage AE. Things were fine for the first two minutes, until Caillat initiated a sing-along. That’s when dozens of flying insects began dive bombing the stage. “I’m so sorry, but this is really scary!” she told the crowd after cutting off the song and retreating from the front of the stage.

Caillat regained her composure and finished the song. Knowing that footage of the incident was likely to surface online, she apologized on Twitter after the show and actually urged her fans to upload videos.

Caillat was eager to make the point that these weren’t just gnats or flies, but massive insects. She tweeted a photo of one of them. Since the easygoing singer doesn’t mind if we have a chuckle at her expense, take a look at the video to see the bug attack.

Watch Colbie Caillat Get Attacked By Bugs During ‘Bubbly’

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