Conor McGregor is going full psychological warfare ahead of his fight with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

McGregor knocked out Poirier during their first meeting back in 2014. When the two faced off earlier this year, it was a gentleman's affair leading up to the match as the two fighters exchanged respectful words and gifts.

This time around, the gloves are off and the trash-talking is already coming on heavy from Conor McGregor ahead of this Saturday's fight.

As a matter of fact, McGregor is going low by dragging Poirier's wife into their feud after he shared what appeared to be a screenshot of a direct message request from Jolie.

When asked about it later, he played the vague card with reporters.

You'd have to ask her, I haven't a clue. You'd have to ask her, I don't play that game... another man's wife.

In addition to the screengrab, McGregor also attempted to antagonize Poirier by posting a tweet that featured a creepy voicemail (listen above), obviously meant for the Lafayette native.

Dustin. Peahead. I’m coming for you peahead. Silly hillbilly.

Poirier isn't falling for his psychological games, instead opting to laugh it off

If it was real and my wife was messaging him or something like that, then it's a good one. But if it's fabricated... me and my wife were laughing about it while we were in the grocery store. There's no holds barred in the s*** talking.

Speaking of talking s***, the back-and-forth on Twitter spilled into tonight's press conference as Dustin shut down McGregor with one line when a fan asked the Irishman why he had a different attitude toward Poirier this time around compared to the nice-guy approach in their last matchup.

Speaking of Conor getting knocked out—earlier in the press conference, McGregor called Poirier's win in their last matchup a "fluke."

Things continued to escalate as McGregor attempted to kick Poirier during their face-off.

Dustin kept his cool, but it's very unlikely that this will be the last trolling attempt from Conor before they enter the octagon this Saturday night.

Oh, and by the way... Jolie definitely got the last laugh.

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