If you were around during the 1980's chances are you've probably seen The Cosby Show. This is the show were Bill Cosby played Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable, a Doctor. His wife played by Pylicia Rashad was a lawyer. In other words a typical family.

The Huxtable's had three kids. There was Denise, Theo, and Rudy. Rudy was by far the cutest of the trio. She was constantly the foil for Cosby's character. She was played by actress Keisha Knight Pulliam.

Rudy or Keisha I should say, is now a lot older and she just announced last week that she and her husband former NFL player Ed Hartwell are expecting their first child.

This should be joyous news right? It isn't and here's why.

Following the announcement, Hartwell filed for divorce from Pulliam. At first blush you might think he was abandoning the responsibilities of parenthood. You might be wrong in that assumption.

Obviously Hartwell has reason to believe that he is not the father of the baby that Pulliam is expecting. He has asked the actress to take a paternity test to determine if in fact he is the father of the unborn child.

I don't think anything like this was ever a plot on The Cosby Show.

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