Shreveport City Councilwoman LeVette Fuller has a plan to introduce legislation to repeal City Ordinance 50-167,i.e., the city's "saggy pants" law.

Fuller says her motivation to move to repeal the law is based on a number of reasons. "It shouldn't have been on the books in the first place," says the first-term lawmaker, "First of all, it is infringing on Constitutional rights. It is (also) a very specific subculture that we are targeting. and we don't try to legislate the decency or sartorial choices of anybody else."

Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond provided the following information about the number of violators of the ordinance:

"This is the product we put together for Councilwoman Fuller.  As of April 27, 2019 we had written 23 summons’ for violation of the “wearing pants below the waistline” ordinance.  However, there is no way to determine how many times the ordinance was used as “probable cause” for a stop nor how many arrests were made for more serious crimes wherein “sagging” was the p.c. but ultimately the person was not charged for that particular offense."

Shreveport police department