Our latest Court of Madhouse case is, "The Girlfriend Who Just Can't Keep a Secret." discuss the case is the case of the girlfriend who cannot keep a secret.

Details of the Case:

This case is about a man (who wishes to remain anonymous) he likes to tell secrets and personal information to his girlfriend. He has found that the information that he shares with her ends up being the topic of discussion with her friends. While he loves that she has a close group of friends, he wishes that the things he wants to be private would remain between the two of them.

What do you believe the verdict should be in the case of the girlfriend who just can't keep a secret?

Carter says it sounds like she can't keep a secret and the relationship is doomed to fail due to lack of respect for his privacy. Ginger says he needs to have a conversation with her explaining how much this is bothering him and work things out like adults.

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