Tony Dungy was the only analyst that chose the Saint to beat the Cowboys Sunday night. All the other analysts will be eating crow for awhile. Then there's this guy...

"If the Saints are even remotely close in this one, I'll literally eat my Zeke jersey," said reddit user DakNDemBoyz.

That wasn't all. He continued, "Dude. They're literally trotting out Teddy Bridgewater, the guy that almost had his leg amputated because he fell over at practice. I wouldn't be surprised if the saints have to resort to Taysom lol. There's zero worry I'll have to eat a jersey."

As of Monday morning, the post was deleted.

The Saints, of course, outlasted the Cowboys 12-10 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on the strength of the defense, special teams, and Wil Lutz four field goals.

Teddy Bridgewater went 23-30 for 193 yards.

This was the first game the Saints won without a touchdown in 21 years.

This guy most certainly needs to make good on his bet. Put some ketchup and Tabasco on that Zeke jersey, have a meal, and call it a day. I think the internet deserves it.

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