The Morning Madhouse has teamed up yet again this year with Cupid for their annual Valentine's Day giveaway. This year VDay starts early in Shreveport with flowers and discount on Valentines Day flowers. The beautiful long stems are provided by Blossoms Fine Flowers in Shreveport with a new location at 4019 Fern Ave.

Look for Cupid aka Carter in diapers handing out Blossoms Fine Flowers during the 7 am hour when people are heading to work or taking the kids to school. All you have to do is pull up nearby and yell I Love K945 to get hooked up for FREE!

The whole idea of this is to start Valentine's Day early and bring smiles to everyone across the Shreveport area! If you got a second stop and come take a picture with Cupid... You don't have to wear a diaper but we do have some extra if you'd like to.