Video of DaBaby being interrogated by police for his alleged connection to a shooting in Miami last year has made its way online.

On Wednesday (July 27), the YouTube channel Real World Police released the 70-minute interrogation video obtained from the Miami Beach Police Department. In the video, recorded on June 1, 2021, hours after the shootings took place on May 31, 2021, the North Carolina rapper gives his side of the story to two police detectives investigating the cases.

DaBaby explains that he was leaving a restaurant with his security when he heard multiple gunshots nearby. After ducking down, he ordered his assistant to hand him a book bag that contained a gun so he could arm himself. He went on to say the shooter hopped in a Chrysler 300 owned by one of the rapper's associates and drove dangerously toward them while brandishing guns.

"[He] jumped in his car and tried to hit Prince with the car," DaBaby tells the officers about the hectic scene around the 27:38-mark of the interview. "They speeding up this way, right here toward me ... You see them in the car with guns. That's when I boom, boom, boom."

One of the detectives clarifies if DaBaby is admitting to discharging a firearm.

"Hell yeah, they was about to shoot at me," the rapper confirms. "After they already shot somebody and stole the car."

DaBaby identified the shooter as "Hispanic," which is the only thing he confirmed, even when pressed for more details. He also said he would not testify against the alleged shooter in court.

The interrogation stems from a shooting incident that occurred last Memorial Day weekend in Miami outside Prime 112 restaurant. Police arrested Christopher Urena and DaBaby's Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment artist Wisdom for their involvement in the shootings. According to a police report, Urena claims he got into a Chrysler 300 that did not belong to him in order to move it because it was blocking the valet. According to DaBaby's account, the vehicle belonged to a member of his team only identified as Williams in police documents. Urena then alleged a crew of men approached him with guns drawn, so he sped off while being shot at.

However, after searching the vehicle, police located a magazine in Urena's satchel. Urena could not tell officers where the accompanying gun was located. Upon further investigation, police learned from a witness that Urena shot Williams in the torso before fleeing the scene. Williams ended up paralyzed from the incident.

Urena was charged with attempted first-degree murder with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony, third-degree grand theft and firearm possession by a convicted felon for shooting Williams.

A second shooting occurred at the same time, which resulted in another man, Emerson Delgado, sustaining injuries. According to a police report, Delgado and Carlos Aviles got into a confrontation with DaBaby's entourage outside Prime 112. The victim does not specifically mention DaBaby being present during the encounter. Aviles told police things got heated to the point where a member of the rapper's team struck Delgado in the face. Delgado began to run and was allegedly chased by DaBaby's artist Wisdom, who, according to Aviles, pulled out a gun and pointed it at Delgado before directing the firearm on Aviles and shooting him in the calf. Wisdom was arrested for attempted murder in connection with the shooting.

"In less than 24 hours, Miami Beach detectives were able to ensure those responsible for the shooting were arrested and charged," the Miami Beach Police said in a statement at the time. "We will now work closely with the State Attorney’s Office to ensure a successful prosecution."

DaBaby was questioned about the incident and released. He has not been charged with any crime in connection to the shooting.

XXL has reached out to DaBaby's team for comment.

Watch Video of DaBaby Being Interrogated by Miami Police Below

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