Did Brad Womack from the Bachelor propose? Are Sienna and Jude off again? Find that out and more with today's Showbiz Top 5!

5. Fantasia Barrino has gained about 45 pounds, which is leading to pregancy rumors. Her manager says it's not true. In fact, he says, "The only thing she's pregnant with is prosperity." That's about the stupidest thing I've heard in a while... Anyway, he says the reason Fantasia is packing on the pounds is for a movie role. She'll be playing Mahalia Jackson, a heavy-set woman who was known as "The Queen of Gospel."

4. Ryan Phillippe and Amanda Seyfried haven't been dating that long, and they might not be dating that much longer. The two of them were at this big party for "The King's Speech" Monday night when they got into what witnesses described as a "heated discussion." The two of them walked away from each other and then spent the rest of the night with separate groups of friends. A source says Amanda seemed upset at first, but then sat down with Renee Zellweger, who cheered her up. She ended up leaving alone.

3. Two other celebrity couples have definitely broken up. Jude Law and Sienna Miller are finished... AGAIN. They first dated back in 2004, but broke up 2 years later when he had an affair with the nanny. They got back together in late 2009, but that didn't last long. Then she had an affair with Balthazar Getty, but he ended up going back to his wife. So Jude and Sienna found each other again, but it's over... again. Also breaking up, Olivia Wilde and her hubby Tao Ruspoli. The two of them eloped after knowing each other only six months. Olivia was 18 at the time. But after 8 years of marriage and a career that's suddenly on fire, Olivia doesn't feel like being married is that much fun anymore. It's, like, weighing her down, man... A source says she feels like she missed out on being single and wants to sow some wild oats, which is a whole lot more fun when you're a rich, famous celebrity.

2. Brad Womack's ex-girlfriend is speaking out about their relationship exclusively to "Us Magazine." Laurel Kagay says she and Brad dated on and off for eight years, and that Brad asked her to marry him "countless times." In fact, Laurel says his most recent proposal came last summer -- just weeks before he left to film his second go-round on "The Bachelor." She says he spent the entire summer trying to convince her to marry him, and when he left to film the show, he continued emailing her. But those emails finally stopped and now Brad is telling everybody that he found true love on the show. However Laurel thinks whoever he picked has the right to know about their history together. Sounds like sour grapes to me! SHE didn't want him, but now that he wants somebody else, suddenly Brad's looking awfully good again...

1. Lindsay Lohan is expected to be charged with felony grand theft today in connection for stealing a $2500 necklace. That would be a violation of her probation, and the DA reportedly is going to ask the judge to revoke probation immediately and send Lindsay back to jail for six months. Of course, Lindsay will plead not guilty because, she says, "I'm not guilty! Duh!" But if she ends up being tried and convicted of felony grand theft, she could get up to 3 years in state prison. So Lindsay is due in court at 1:30pm PT. She will be taken into custody and, once again, she'll have to have her mug shot taken. So to prepare for the photo that will be plastered on every gossip website around the world today, Linday stopped by the Byron Tracey salon in Beverly Hills yesterday to have her dyed-blonde hair touched up and to get a really pretty blowout. You know a good blowout can last you two days, so she'll still be looking good this afternoon. After she goes through the whole booking process, a bail bondsman will be there to get her out.

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