I'm giving you fair warning now, this video will completely freak you out.

I've never really been one to believe in ghosts... Well, let me rephrase.... I've never really been one to believe viral videos showing ghosts. With technology and creativity at an all-time high, I am ALWAYS skeptical about these types of videos.

It's so easy to create a ghost-like encounter these days, heck, I even did a ghost video myself not too long ago. You can see that HERE.

However, there's something very different about this video. For starters, it takes place at a high school and the footage comes from a security camera. Secondly, I've watched the video several times trying to figure out how they could stage all the occurrences, and so far, I haven't came up with much.

The video shows a series of incredibly freaky events taking place in the school's hallways. Doors slamming, lockers rocking, and a wet floor sign getting thrown like a rag doll.

This is seriously scary, but I'm not sure f it's real or not. See for yourself!