In 1935, Parker Brothers opened up a Pandora's Box of family squabbles, highly-questionable real estate deals, and plain-old cheating with the release of Monopoly.  Since then, countless family gatherings have devolved into no-holds barred cage matches over the legality of trading Park Place for a few hotels and a free pass on the Short-Line Rail Road.  Finally, after 83 years of suffering - Parker Brothers has released a new version of the classic game that actually rewards you for getting down and dirty on family game night.

The Monopoly: Cheater's Edition will be released this June, and not only does it allow you to break the rules - the game rewards it.  According to Co.Design, Hasbro (the company that now owns the rights to the game) has been gathering data on how Americans play the game for many years, and has known for a long time that a full 50% of players cheat with the regular edition of the game.  With that statistic in mind, Hasbro included all of the classic cheats and a few new ways to tilt the odds in your favor.  Price gouging, identity theft, squatting, escaping jail - all are encouraged in the new game!

The idea sprung from the thousands of calls Hasbro receives every year on their holiday help line from desperate families looking for an expert to mediate their game-related arguments.

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